Saturday, June 8, 2013

iPhone Pictures

First lake day with friends!! 

Going for an evening run with the dogs.

...and snakes.  :(

Don't ever let Tim and Judah have your iPhone.  Ever.

Rainy day adventure at the Municipal Forest.

Someone let the kayak float away.  And no one wanted to retrieve it.

Luckily for Tim, the wind shifted and blew it back to shore.  Our side of the shore.

No adventure with the Hughes is complete without a fire, steak, bread and cheese.  :)

Watching the rain.

Our makeshift campsite.

Yay for us!!!

Then we went to the store to get pizza for our pizza party.  And warmth! 

Shirt sharing.

Mark, Seth and I participated in Run Amuck at Marine Base Quantico.  What fun!!

We made it!!