Sunday, January 22, 2012

Surprise Party!!!

Once upon a time (last night) we were invited to a surprise party for Dorothy (Mrs. Hughes) thrown by her family.  As we huddled in the living room awaiting her arrival so we could shout SURPRISE at her, she jumped out of the closet and surprised us!!!  Apparently, she planned the whole party and the joke was on us.  And this is why, dear readers, we love the Hughes' family so much.  :)

There's Mrs. Harne leaning on the very door that Mrs. Hughes was hiding behind.

The Hughes family is enjoying their surprise on all of us!

The Hughes boys served us hot tea.  "What flavor would you like, Beth?"

We all brought lots of yummy food to our surprise party.  :)

We enjoyed a fun game of Catch Phrase which has become tradition since that beach trip together many years ago.  And we finished off the evening with devotions and encouragement in our walks with the Lord who drew us together and has given us such wonderful, precious friends.