Saturday, October 23, 2010

Group Picture Anyone???

First, they tried a pyramid on the trampoline. 
But they sunk to the ground!
So they posed instead.  
And decided to move the pyramid to terra firma.
The bottom row enjoyed knees 
digging into their backs
while the ones on the top struggled
to get there :)
And they collapsed amidst peals of laughter!
 Then they decided a people pile might work better.  
...some of them were having trouble breathing!
(You guessed it:  the bottom row.)
And the people pile crumbled once again.
Then Matt showed up, and of course,
he needed to be in the picture too!  
Once again, they piled on top of one another!  
And smiled....while trying to breathe.
Last of all, but certainly not least,
no photo shoot is complete without
silly faces!!!