Friday, March 19, 2010

~phil keaggy~ 
A great sunny day, jump in the pick-up
And we'll go to the park, don't delay!
I know just the place, under the willow tree
The kids they all run and they play for so long,
They get you singing their song...
It's a bright and joyful melody,
Just kick off your blues, join in, be carefree!!
Don't you know that everything is gonna be alright,
And haven't you heard the Father never lets you
Out of His sight, no no no no.
A great sunny day, love to be living!
And I know there's just no better way to be in the race,
Than giving up everything I know
That hindered my pace for so long,
You got me singing your song!!
There's a bright and joyful melody,
Just put on my shoes, join in, be carefree!!