Thursday, May 9, 2013

USMC Motivational Run & Family Day

There isn't a ruler, a yard stick or a measuring tape 
in the entire world 
long enough to compute 
the strength and capabilities inside you.
- Paul J. Meyer

After three long months, the day to see David has finally arrived.  The first event of the day was their five mile motivational run.  Our job was to cheer them we waited for them to make their grand appearance...

That's a LOT of guys (about 500)!  
....but it didn't take us long to find him.

Sunrise on Parris Island

He's about to run right past where we were standing.

We did lots of waiting.

A proud mama!

More waiting...lots of anticipation.

They are coming inside, FINALLY!!

Charlie Company, Platoon 1030

He's released and searching for familiar faces among the crowds.


The window he looked out every night that pointed towards home.

The "yellow footprints" - where he stood as he exited the bus for the very first time.